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How to make your computer Speak.

A Text to Speech software package consisting of both Text Readers and TTS voices, convert Text into Speech. Both of these packages are required in order to achieve Text to Speech functionality on computers. With both packages installed, the user would generally open any of the installed Text Readers, type in some text and click on the Speak or Play button and the Text Reader will utilize the TTS voices to speak back the text to the user.

Text to Speech Readers and TTS Voices.

There are many free and commercial Text to Speech software solutions out on the market today. Most offer Free Text Readers and commercial TTS voices. Text Reader software as SpeakComputer is a free Text to Speech Reader software solution that includes a basic Text Reader, Web Browser, Image presentations, Mini Speaker, Calendar Reminders and a speaking clock. SpeakComputer is a very good example of the power of Text to Speech and making your computer speak. Good natural sounding voices are key when using Text to Speech software, so make sure when purchasing any TTS voice, you first test the voice on your local computer prior to the purchase. Make sure the TTS voice can be used across all your installed Text Readers. Some TTS voices will only work in specific Text Readers limiting the power of Text to Speech. A seriously good TTS voice is Cepstral. Cepstral voices offer powerful natural sounding multilingual voices that can be used across multiple Text Readers with great flexibility. If you are going to make a TTS voice purchase and we recommend you do, we highly recommend Cepstral TTS voices.

Text to Speech software can be used for.

There are many reasons as to why you would want to use Text to Speech software. You can listen to emails, listen to web pages instead of having to read them. Learning languages using Text to Speech software is one of the most popular reasons to use Text to Speech software. You can learn how to pronounce any word in any language, listen to complete sentences or articles. By far, Text to Speech software for learning languages is tops. Remember: You need the desired TTS voice for the specific language. (If you are learning Spanish, then you need a TTS Spanish voice. See Cepstral).

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Text to Speech for learning languages

Find out how text to speech software can help you learn languages faster.

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